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Why to Choose PVC Cards

Business cards, tags and badges these days come in PVC material due to its higher durability compared to the usual cardboard. We supply a wide variety of blank PVC cards that you can use for your corporate or personal business cards, seminars, and group events. We also supply adhesive full-card overlays to protect the card from scratches and tears.

Whether you're looking to create personalized PVC badges or tags, you will find that our range of blank cards are well-suited to your needs.

Cards with Magnet Stripe

Our blank cards with magnetic stripe can be used as your company's identity cards or professional name badges. The magnetic stripe or "magstripe" can store the user's personal identifying data, such as name, signature, and PIN code, similar to those in ATM and credit cards.

These cards come in white and are available in 10 and 30 mil thicknesses as well as in 500-count boxes.

Special Eco-Friendly PVC Cards

For the environmentally conscious user, we have cards made from recycled PVC. If you want your business to adopt more eco-friendly practices as part of your green initiatives, these cards will make for an excellent name badge or personal card.

These also come in 30 mil thickness, and are sold per box with 500 pieces in each.

For the ultimate eco-friendly name tags, we offer BIOPVC-based cards. The special material used for these cards make them more biodegradable than standard PVC. Biodegradation for these cards takes only five to seven years, while regular PVC takes about fifteen to twenty years.

Colored PVC Cards

If you want to add a bit of flair into your badges or tags, we have a selection of colored cards available in yellow, red, blue, green, silver, and gold metallic.

So if you're looking for a way to create cheap name tags that still look classy, these colored cards are a good option to consider. These are an excellent alternative to custom-made prints if you need tags that follow a certain theme for a group event or your entire company.

As with our eco-friendly cards, these come in 30 mil thickness, with 500 pieces per box.

We also offer other types of PVC cards as well as accessories here in Badge Express. Feel free to browse this page to see our other product offerings. For any questions regarding orders and shipping, you may contact us online or call us at 1-800-251-1752.

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